Blood Cupping is Better than Michael Phelps’ Dry Cupping


It seems Michael Phelps only do the dry cupping that only suck air. He should try the blood cupping that also suck toxic blood (cholesterol, uric acid, etc). Blood Cupping can relieve stiff, headache, vertigo, insomnia, and uric acid in calf. Blood Cupping is 4 times better than Dry Cupping.

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Is Putin only Bluffing on World War 3 in Syria?


Saudi and Turkey only represent Wahhabi and Muslim brotherhood. Not Sunni. The Wahhabi and MB only less than 3% of the Muslims. Even Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia is less than 40% only.

The Sunni and Shia are against the Saudi and Turkey. I am a Sunni Shafiie. So, Saudi and Turkey will be against militia from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran.

There are Russia military bases in Syria. So, US attacking Syria by supporting the rebels is out of line.

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How to Save Space in Using WhatsApp


Many people have problem with their handphone while using WhatsApp. It’s because WhatsApp automatically download photos and videos to their handphone. Many people have their handphone hang because their memory is full.

To prevent the memory from out of space because of Whatsapp, just stop the Automatic Download from WhatsApp.

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Primary Colors and Secondary Colors


If you like to paint, These are the Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. You could mix the colors of your watercolors or oil painting colors into new different colors.

The Primary Colors are: Yellow, Red, and Blue

The Secondary Colors are:

Orange = Red + Yellow

Green = Blue + Yellow

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How to Edit Autoexec.NT and Config.NT in Windows 7


Sometimes you need programs such as Foxpro DOS runs in your Windows 7. But when you try to edit files such as autoexec.nt and config.nt, you fail. “Access is denied”. The message shows up.
Well, the solution is as follow:
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Go to Computer and then Local Disk (C:)
3. Click Windows, then System32
4. Click Autoexec.nt
5. Click the right button on your mouse
6. Click Property

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How to Make Blog or Website for Free?

How to Make Website for Free

How to Make Blog or Website for Free?

The easiest and convenience way to make blogs or websites for free is by using or These 2 blog providers have been giving many blogs for years for free. While many others had to stop because of lack of fund.

You could also earn money from the two blog providers. In Blogspot, you could get money from Google Adsense. You must at least have 1 English blog to participate. In, you have to buy your own domain. E.g. from into It will cost you at least US$ 18/year and there is no guaranty that you could be accepted to participate in WordAds.

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The Best Web Hosting Services Using PayPal

Web Hosting Use PayPal

Here are The Best Web Hosting Services that use PayPal as their payment System. I try to look reference from many websites such as PCMagazine and comes up with:
1. Arvixe
With US$4/month you can have 6 domains with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth. It’s a PCMagazine’s Editor’s Choice.

2. BlueHost
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Location of Najd is in Iraq or in Najd?

Syams Yaman dan Najd

In connection with the hadith of the Prophet which states that will arise from Najd slander, riots and devil horns, the Wahhabis tried to mislead the Muslims that the Prophet intended Najd is Iraq, precisely Kuffah city. This is to protect their “Shaikh”, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who was born in Najd. Father and brother MBAW, Sulayman, refused MBAW misguided teachings because who think the majority of Muslims polytheists.

This is not true. Reasons: 1. If you have the name as Najd, don’t confuse it with other name such as Iraq.

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If you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s day: Don’t be Sad


If you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s day: Don’t be Sad
Most People don’t have AIDS on World AIDS day as well
I talk with Mr Wiyoso who was born on 1955 in a bus. At the age of 60, he has a 40 year old son and some grand children.
He married at the age of 19 while his wife at 18 years old. They still married until now and their children have a good life.
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What Muhammad Did to the People who Insulted Him?


“The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (i.e. Allah ordered the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly), then verily! he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend” [Al Qur’an 41:34]

What Muhammad Did to the People who Insulted Him? Or what Muhammad did to his enemy?
When Muhammad was asked by his wife Aisha what was the most terrible time of his life beside the Uhud war, prophet Muhammad said it’s time when he was in Thaif.
In Uhud war, prophet Muhammad is wounded badly in his face so there are news that Muhammad has died at that time. In Thaif, Muhammad that tried to preach about Islam is thrown by stones by people including children. They said many words that insult and humiliate Muhammad. Yet, when the angel Gabriel offered him to kill the Thaif people, Muhammad refuse. Muhammad said, I hope their descendant will become a good Muslims.
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