Blood Cupping is Better than Michael Phelps’ Dry Cupping


It seems Michael Phelps only do the dry cupping that only suck air. He should try the blood cupping that also suck toxic blood (cholesterol, uric acid, etc). Blood Cupping can relieve stiff, headache, vertigo, insomnia, and uric acid in calf. Blood Cupping is 4 times better than Dry Cupping.

Just look at an 8 year old boy who is singing while having a blood cupping:

But there is no scientific evidence that blood cupping is works!


That’s because there is no scientist doing research on blood cupping. Give me 10 men with stiff neck and shoulders and they have cholesterol and hypertension. Check their blood pressures and cholesterol level before the blood cupping and a day after the blood cupping. Let’s do it once in a week for 3 weeks. Let’s analyze the final result and compare it with the first result. There will be significant change there.


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