Is Putin only Bluffing on World War 3 in Syria?


Saudi and Turkey only represent Wahhabi and Muslim brotherhood. Not Sunni. The Wahhabi and MB only less than 3% of the Muslims. Even Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia is less than 40% only.

The Sunni and Shia are against the Saudi and Turkey. I am a Sunni Shafiie. So, Saudi and Turkey will be against militia from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran.

There are Russia military bases in Syria. So, US attacking Syria by supporting the rebels is out of line.

If Russia has no Tsar Bomba nuclears that could create a 10 km nuclear fireballs and hundreds of Satan Missiles that could reach 16,000 km away (Russia-US distance is only 7000 km) with the speed of 28,000 kmh (it means it could reach US in 15 minutes and Turkey in 1 minute), you could call Russia is bluffing. But each Satan missile could send 10 nuclear war heads into 10 different places, could you call Russia is just bluffing? Not using its real power in a real war?


Russia has sent missiles from ships in Caspian sea to strike ISIS in Syria. Send SU-35 jet fighters and S400 to Syria. All nuclear weapons in Russia could reach US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in less than 15 minutes. And you call that bluffing? Get real…

Maybe a Tsar Bomba in Ankara and Riyadh could make Erdogan and King Salman know that Putin is not bluffing.

If US doesn’t interfere, the war will be between Russia, Syria, and Iran vs Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Gulf States only. A regional war that still could choke the world since 2/3 of oil production is there.

But if US interfere, there will be World War 3. The Tsar Bomba nuclear bombs with Satan Missiles could reach New York and Washington DC in just 15 minutes. Of course US could strike back. But believe me, the destruction is more than Hiroshima. In World War 3, there will be no winner. Only losers and victims!


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