Location of Najd is in Iraq or in Najd?

Syams Yaman dan Najd

In connection with the hadith of the Prophet which states that will arise from Najd slander, riots and devil horns, the Wahhabis tried to mislead the Muslims that the Prophet intended Najd is Iraq, precisely Kuffah city. This is to protect their “Shaikh”, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who was born in Najd. Father and brother MBAW, Sulayman, refused MBAW misguided teachings because who think the majority of Muslims polytheists.

This is not true. Reasons: 1. If you have the name as Najd, don’t confuse it with other name such as Iraq.

2. In the East Medina (where the Prophet said) that there is Najd. Not Iraq. Iraq is right in the north. Although the Prophet used to say the East or the West, but the Prophet in the hadith about defecation mention we are prohibited facing or back to the Kaaba when we defecate. But face to the east or to the west. So there is a difference between the North (back to the Kaaba) to the east. See Map of Najd and Iraq you will undoubtedly know.

3. Position the East Najd in Medina clarified by Hadith of the Prophet facing toward the sunrise. Well Sunrise was definitely from the east of Medina was fitting considering its position in 24 degrees North latitude. The most northerly position of the Sun is only 23.5 degrees north. It’s the same as Najd. E.g. Riyadh city which located in Najd also in 24 degrees North latitude. While Kufa / Najaf  in Iraq is located at 32 degrees north latitude. 8 more degrees north of the city of Medina. Kufa is 880 km to the north of Medina. We must understand the geography and the circle of the sun in order to understand this issue. If not, we can go astray.

4. When the Prophet said the hadith to bless Sham and Yemen, the people of Najd also attended.

5. Najd in Arabic means a high place. Najd altitude is about 1000 meters above sea level. While Iraq is precisely located in the lowlands with a height of less than 100 meters. Kuffah elevation is only 105 feet or 32 meters.



6. There is a hadith of the Prophet (Sunan Nasa’i No. 2656) from Sayyidah ‘A’ishah that distinguishes miqat place between residents of Najd (in Qorn which means “horn”) and the people of Iraq (in Dzatu’ IRQ). It’s clear in this hadith that Najd and Iraq are mentioned together as  a different place.

7. Wahhabists rebellion / bombing in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. have killed more than 2.8 million Muslims. From its birth, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab combat (read: slaughter) tens of thousands of Muslims in Najd, Ta’if, Mecca, Medina, etc. with the pretext that they were killing polytheists. In Indonesia, they called NU as misguided / mushrik with the practice of pilgrimage and prayer in the cemetery. They call Sufi as heresy because of Ghuluw. Later they call Shiite as Kafir then slandered Sunni Muslim such as KH Said Aqil Siradj, KH Quraish Shihab, Rizieq Shihab, etc. as Shiites. This means the Sunni scholars are infidels / apostates and must be killed. It’s easy for Wahabi to call Sunni Muslims who do not agree with them as Shiite or infidels. If the scholars refuse, they call them as Shiites Taqiyah. More than 500 scholars from around the world at the Amman Message (www.ammanmessage.com) argues that Shiites as part of Islam just like Sunni.

Najd and Iraq Topographic Map

Topographic Najd and Iraq Map

These are the hadits:

Iraq, Syria, and Yemen are destroyed because attacked by Saudi Arabia (Najd) and US Zionists.

From Ibnu Umar, Prophet PBUH said: “O Allah, please bless Sham and Yemen.” People of Najd beg: “Our Najd o Prophet, please bless it”. Prohet said: “O Allah, please bless Sham and Yemen.”
They beg: “Our Najd o Prophet, please bless it”. Prophet said: “In Najd there will be turmoils and fitna. There will be the Satan followers there.” [Bukhari 979, Turmudzi 3888, Ahmad 5715]

Hadith of Ibn ‘Umar .: That he heard the Prophet said while facing eastward: Know, verily slander will happen there! Know, verily slander will happen there. From that place appears devil horns. (Saheeh Muslim, No.5167)

From ‘Abdullah ibn’ Umar who said the Prophet pbuh doing the dawn prayer and then say hello and facing towards the sun rose as he said “slander coming from here, slander come away from the direction of the emergence of devil horns” [Musnad Ahmad 2/72 No. 5410 with saheeh sanad]

From Aisha who said the Prophet pbuh set miqat for the people of Medina in Dhul Hulaifah, for the people of Sham and Egypt in Juhfah, for the people of Iraq in Dzatu’ IRQ, for the people of Najd at Qarn and the people of Yemen in Yalamlam (Saheeh Sunan Nasa ‘ i no 2656)

Of Abu Ayyub Al Anshori, the Prophet pbuh said, “If you go to toilet, then you do not face the qiblah or against it. However, face to the east or the west. “Abu Ayyub said,” In the past we’ve ever stayed in Sham. We found our toilet was built facing the Qibla direction. We also changed the direction of the place and we beg forgiveness of Allah Almighty. “(HR. Bukhari no. 394 and Muslim, no. 264).

Above hadith is quite clear. We must understand the hadith. Do not let it just in the esophagus only. Wahhabis do not want to obey the scholarly accordance with the pretext of the Qur’an and Hadith. Instead they follow blindly to their sheikh. They turn the meaning of the clear hadith above upside down.

I hope we avoid young stupid people at the end of time, who always say the Qur’an and Hadith, but do not understand and  practice them. Al Quran and hadits are in their esophagus only.

In addition to Najd the birthplace of the founder of the Wahhabi, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, the Prophet also explained that from the tribe of Bani Tamim will appear Kharijites / followers of the Antichrist. Bani Tamim is the tribe of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab:

Have told us Abu Al Yemen has preached to us from Az Zuhriy Shoaib said, has told me Abu Salamah ibn ‘Abdur Rahman that Abu Sa’eed al Khudriy ra said; When we were with the Prophet Muhammad who was distributing division (treasure), came Dhul Khuwaishirah, a man from Bani Tamim, and said; O Messenger of Allah, be fair. The Prophet pbuh said: Woe to you !. Who could do justice if I alone can not do justice. Indeed you have experienced evil and harm if I do not do justice.
Then ‘Umar said; Messenger of Allah, allow me to chop off his neck !. He said: Let him. Because he later would have friends that one of you look down upon his prayer than their prayers, fasting than their fasting. They read the Koran, but not up to their throats. They come out of religion as a slipping of arrows from the target (the prey). (Bukhari 3341)

Messenger of Allah said: “Later in the end times would appear people who read the Koran but did not exceed the esophagus, they break up Islam as the discharge of arrows from his bow, and they will continue to appear, so exit the latter than they are with the Antichrist, so if you see with them, then fight because they were the worst of creatures and the worst of the caliph. “(Sunan Nasai / 4108, Sunan Ahmad / 19 783)

Hadith Ali., He said: I heard the Messenger of Allah. said: At the end of time would appear the young stupid people. They spoke with the conversation from the best man (Sunnah). They read the Koran, but not beyond their throats. They come out of religion, as fast as an arrow from a bow slide. When you meet with them, then kill them, because killing them rewarding in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgment. (Saheeh Muslim, No.1771)

“Going out at the end of time a people that age they are still young, and foolish, they say your best man speech (Sunnah), reading the Koran but only in their throat. They came out of the din (religion) as arrows off from its bow. “(HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

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