How to Make Blog or Website for Free?

How to Make Website for Free

How to Make Blog or Website for Free?

The easiest and convenience way to make blogs or websites for free is by using or These 2 blog providers have been giving many blogs for years for free. While many others had to stop because of lack of fund.

You could also earn money from the two blog providers. In Blogspot, you could get money from Google Adsense. You must at least have 1 English blog to participate. In, you have to buy your own domain. E.g. from into It will cost you at least US$ 18/year and there is no guaranty that you could be accepted to participate in WordAds.

Well, to make blog in wordpress you should go to:

You have to sign up first by filling your name, user name, password, etc. And then you could do the blogging. The themes in WordPress are quite good. The category and tag is very good. WordPress’ SEO is better than Blogspot. With Blogspot, you have to announce your postings so people could visit your blog.

To make blog in Blogspot, you should go to:

You have to sign up first like in wordpress.

Once you are registered, you could make many blogs as you want. You could store your writings, photos, and videos there.


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