Ads by Google on WordAds

Zero Earning has 0 earning on period 07-2016.  The Ad Impressions is 164,026. I found 2 of the 3 ads are from Google while 1 from WordAds. It drops from US$ 100/month since Google Ads come into WordAds. Maybe this is the way why Google become one of the companies that get US$ billion of revenues. Google sell their ads with a good price to their advertisers while find any way not to pay its publishers.

We are “protecting” our customers from bad sites, say Google. All Google Terms and Conditions is made only not pay its publishers. There is no messages or even warning if there is violation. That’s not a good way to do business. Even big Media such as BBC can make mistake, e.g. BBC in 2012 uses Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian Massacre: by


Zero Earning Google Ads

Ads by Google, there are 2 ads by Google in At least KabarIslamia get 2/3 of the real ads revenue.

Zero Earning Google Ads 2

Ads by Google from Indonesia.


Historical Earning. used to get US$100/month for ads impression 95,244. But when Google came in, only get 0 even the ads impressions is 164,026. Google is cheating its publishers. Maybe that’s the way Google and its employees become rich. By stealing publishers’ money.


Historical Monthly Statistic more than 130,000 page views / month

Maybe Google said the blog should use original article. Tell me how about many media that uses news from News agencies such as Reuter, AFP, etc? Are they original? As long it doesn’t violate copy right it’s OK. Or if so, Google should not put its ads there in the very first time.

2 Ads by Google in Word Ads on September 2, 2016

2 Ads by Google in Word Ads on September 2, 2016

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