Let’s Help the Poor in Indonesia with Al Kaafii Foundation


Let’s Help the Poor with Al Kaafii Foundation – A Proposal


According to the latest World Bank’s statistics, the poverty in Indonesia is 43.3%. These are the people who earn less than US$ 2 per day. It means, from 252 million people in Indonesia, there are more than 109 million people who live in poverty. And 11.3% (28 million people) live below the national poverty (rp 200,000/month or USD 16/month). They are hungry. They cannot afford to go to school. They cannot get a good job or money to start a business. These people need our help.

Vision and Mission


Al Kaafii Foundation is trying to do its best to help them. To help as many of them so they can have a prosper life. Sleep well with no hunger feeling every night. Give a proper suites and education to their children, etc. Al Kaafii Foundation people have been doing that for years even before this foundation is built!

To help more people we need other people to help. We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

Currently Al Kaafii Foundation is led by Dr Ali Sibromalisi MA and Drs Sulaeman Hayyun.

First we provide food, clothes, and shelter to the poor. Then give them a simple business coaching that is suitable for them. Then we give them money to start a small business of their own such as selling foods, bread, handy crafts, etc. We guide them so they can make money for themselves and their children.


We also take care at least 10 orphans in our home. We provide them education and family until they can make money of their own.

If you want to join us helping them, just contact us at:

Jl. Pedati raya Rt.0013/10 no. 109 Bidaracina Jatinegara

Jakarta Timur 13330. Indonesia

Telp. 021-85902607 – Fax, 021- 29821968.

Email. BMTBKB@ymail.com / kaafii@kaafii-indonesia.or.id

Paypal: agusnizami@yahoo.com.sg (give email confirmation that the donation is for Al Kaafii Foundation with the amount of donation)



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